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  • Ken Kraushaar

Reading list...

At any given time I'm continually trying to expand my knowledge base so that I can better serve my customers.

To that end, I'm constantly looking through bookstores for both new and used books which I can learn from.

Currently during my free time, my reading list looks a little like this:

1) Gunsmith Kinks by Bob Brownell-1969 edition

2) The S&W Revolvers: a shop manual new expanded 5th edition - by Jerry Kuhnhausen

3) The Remington M870 and M1100-87 shotguns shop manual- by Jerry Kuhnhausen

4) The Gunsmith's Manual by Stelle & Harrison- 1945 edition

5) Professional Gunsmithing By Walter Howe

In addition to these books, which I'm constantly reading and re-reading, I also read the monthly periodicals put out by the American Gunsmithing Association, books on shooting like the one by Major John Plaster or any of the articles put out by Bryan Litz.

When I'm not looking at books specific to shooting in gunsmithing, I also enjoy reading about historical topics such as the federalist papers, or the second amendment primer by Les Adams.

The point of all of this is that I never stopped learning, even after school.

I encourage anyone who is interested in any particular topic to go out, find some books on it, and read and learn. It truly has expanded my abilities not just in terms of what I'm able to do in my business life, but also what I've been able to become in my personal life.

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