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All prices subject to change. updated 11/15/23

Shop Prices

the following are examples of shop prices for various services I provide

Service Charges:

Per man hour:

$60/hour; add $20 for rush work.


Per Man and Machine hour:



Minimum charge per gun: $40.00


Written estimate for insurance claims:



Detail strip and Clean: $75.00-80.00


Metal Refinishing:

  • abrasive/bead-blast/wire wheel (matte) finishes: $145.00

  • Deluxe finish: same as above followed by 240 and 400 grit polish: 170.00 for hand guns, and 140.00 for rifles or shotguns

  • "master" finish: same as deluxe with all polish marks removed, and finished with 555 grit polish to a mirror finish. $300 for handguns, and $350.00 for long guns.


Sight work:

  • Collumator sight in: $45 (includes basic adjustment & MOA adjustments based on the ammunition you intend to use.)

  • Range sight in: $75.00 (does not cover the cost of ammo, targets, etc.)

  • fabricate acrylic front sight: $40 / hour


Handgun Work:

  • revolver action job: clean, smooth action, not including replacement parts: $100.00

  • Tighten slide of 1911 auto: $120.00

  • Fit new trigger to 1911: $50.00 (does not include cost of new trigger)

"Bag of parts" firearm reassembly- reassembly of a firearm brought to the shop in a state of disassembly: $200.00



Pistol Instruction:

introductory pistol (not an NRA course): $135.00

(pistol, ammunition, range fee, &targets provided)


Rifle instruction: introductory rifle (not an NRA course): 145.00 (range fee, targets, rifle, ammunition provided.)


California FSC testing:

  • $15.00 FCS fee

  • $10.00 instructor testing fee.

California DROS fees:

  • dros fee: $31.19 (as of 1/1/2020)

  • firearm safety fee: $1.00

  • firearm safety and enforcement fee: $5.00

  • Dealer processing fee for private party: $10.00 (per firearm)

  • ammunition background check fee 1.00 for standard, 19.00 for basic (non-AFS)

Transfers from online sites such as or

  • long guns: $72.81 per firearm

  • handguns: $72.81 per firearm

  • when included with the dros, the total for a sing

Additional Services:

• Custom firearms builds
• Special orders (firearms for custom builds)
• Special orders (parts)

  • Ammunition 25.00 per tracking label.

Payment policy:

I currently accept cash, check, or credit cards for payment of services.

Please note:

  • There will be a 25% fee for all bounced checks.

  • For custom builds, I require at least 50% down, with the remainder being due upon completion.

  • Payment in full is due on completion of work for all firearms related jobs for services rendered.

  • there will be a 25% restocking fee for special orders which are cancelled by the customer.

Firearms will not be turned over until payment is made.


Firearms not picked up after 30 days will be  considered abandoned and subject to resale to recoup any losses incurred for repairs/custom builds/special orders

All sales on firearms  and ammo are final

Fees for custom builds:

  • cost of materials incl' sales tax

  • per man hour charge of $70.00/hr

  • firearm function testing: $50.00

  • cost of ammunition and targets for testing. (assume between 20-50 rounds of ammunition minimum.)

Please note: all california rules apply.

thank you for your understanding.

***please be aware that the cost of a custom build may exceed that of commercially available firearms due to the "custom" nature of the build.


While the cost may at times seem excessive, please realize that any custom build that I undertake requires me to ensure that everything is 100% satisfactory as each build is ultimately a reflection of my reputation and as such, I will not cut corners in order to reduce the cost. each build is treated as if it were my own firearm.***

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