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The following are links to businesses which I frequent for gun parts, services, accessories, or mechanical expertise:

- Owned by Terry and Daryl Penry. serving sonoma county for over 30 years.

- Founded by Bob Brownell, Brownells is one of the largest gun parts suppliers in the nation.

- Founded by Larry Potterfield, MidwayUSA is another one of the nations largest suppliers of gun parts.

-Numerich gun parts is the go to place for older firearms parts which cannot be found anywhere else.


-J. Spaulding Studio is a nationally known jewelry design studio which has graciously helped me via the use of their machine shop for various projects. J. Spaulding specializes in Jewelry crafted from titanium. is a nice informational website with reviews and laws information. while some of their information on CA laws is out of date, this is likely due to the recent changes of the past few years. definitely worth a look.

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