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Law enforcement holds

Retrieval process

In an effort to help customers who may have had their firearms held by law enforcement for a variety of reasons I will, depending on availability, receive or retrieve said firearms should the lawful owner wish to have me retrieve them for them.

Once any applicable fees have been paid to the law enforcement agency in question (if any,)  I can make arrangements for retrieval or receiving at the following rates:

Firearm receiving fee:  72.81+tax per firearm

Dros fee:  37.19 (return to owner dros w/ 10 day wait)

Travel fee where applicable: 45-50.00 (to cover gas and travel)

note: depending on the amount of guns needing to be retrieved, I believe my rates are more than fair, as I have to account for storage during the waiting period. in the event I have to travel, these rates compensate me for effectively having to close the shop for the day in order to help you retrieve your guns, as well as the more than normal amount of paperwork involved.

how it works:  the guns will be retrieved by me and I will make arraignments with you in order to begin the process of initiating the dros. what you will need are:

1) a valid ID (REAL ID or fed limits apply with birth cert. or passport

2) for handguns- a second proof of residency.

note: because of the transaction being a return to owner dros, this does not require a FSC card, though having one is always helpful.

3) once the background check(s) clear, the guns will be released to you.

I also will , from time to time, assist prohibited persons with the transfer of their firearms in the event that they cannot any longer own their firearms under the law. this requires we meet up to have a power of attorney form which allows me to transfer on your behalf. these are valid for 30 days.  transfer fees are incumbent upon the recipient to pay, although the prohibited person will be required to pay for the notarization of the bof 110 form.

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