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The following is a list of the basic services I provide. for rates, please click on the "rates tab" under the rates and services menu.

  • Firearms cleaning (basic or detail cleaning)

  • Rifle Stock Glass or Plastisteel bedding

  • Polished metal refinishing (satin or high polish finish)

  • Sand blast metal refinishing (matte with high luster)

  • Sand blast metal prep for painting

  • Acrylic front sight installation / fabrication

  • Parts installation on 1911 / 1911-A1 pistols

  • Parts installation on the AR-15 family of rifles.

  • AR-15 parts installation for CA compliance

  • Color matching for rifle stock staining / color mismatch

  • Wooden stock dent removal / restaining

  • CA FSC Testing

  • Gun Broker / Auction transfers

  • Firearms Special orders (depending on availability.)

  • Written estimates for insurance purposes.

  • Range Sight in out to 300 yds.

  • Collimator sight in for non-braked rifles.

  • Basic Cerakote paint application (base coats only)

  • One-on-one firearms safety /operational instruction on a variety of action types: Pistol, revolver (dbl or single), shotgun (semi-auto or pump), Rifle (bolt, semi-auto, lever action.)

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