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CA Dros Requirements


DROS Requirements For firearms purchases.


DROS stands for Dealer Record Of Sale. Its the background check for California Firearms purchases. It also manages the 10 day wait and registeres the gun to you upon pick up. Its managed by the CA department of justice. More info can be found here:


All firearms stores are slightly different, so please make sure to check with each store before purchasing, however before proceeding, please ensure you are not subject to any of the prohibiting categories which would prohibit the purchasing of a firearm or ammo.


These requirements are what I require to perform a background check on all firearms, as well as ammo:

Documents Needed for DROS:



  • must be 21 or over for both long guns as well as handguns per California law (SB 1100 signed into law by Jerry Brown). NO Exceptions (except LE and Military.)

  • Commencing July 1, 2021, a handgun or semiautomatic centerfire rifle shall not be delivered whenever the dealer is notified by the Department of Justice that within the preceding 30-day period, the purchaser has made another application to purchase either a handgun or semiautomatic centerfire rifle and that the previous application to purchase did not involve any of the entities or circumstances specified in subdivision (b) of Section 27535.

  • California law prohibits the sale of a semiautomatic centerfire rifle to any person under the age of 21(even if they have a hutnign license,) except a law enforcement officer or active duty member of the Armed Forces, as specified.

  • As of January 2024, no person shall make more than one application per for a firearm per month. (certain exemptions may apply.)


If you have a “Federal Limits Apply”  ID or DL, you must present proof of citizenship such as a valid passport of birth certificate. 

If your address is INCORRECT on the CA ID or DL, you MUST provide one of the following with the correct address before I can submit the DROS:

  • DMV Vehicle Registration (Must be Current)

  • Guard Card/Firearms Card/CCW

Additional Document for PISTOLS:

In addition to the above requirements, customers wishing to purchase a pistol must also provide a 2nd proof of residence in addition to their CA Issued Driver’s License or ID Card. Only the following are acceptable:

  • Utility Bill for a “Hard Wired” service. Example: Electric/Gas/Water/Internet (Must be current within 2 months)

  • DMV Vehicle Registration (Must be Current)

  • Signed Lease Agreement

For Active Duty Military, you will need your ID card and a copy of your orders. You must be stationed in CA. NO TDY/TAD!


In addition to the above, all purchasers will need a Firearms Safety Card.


If you do not have an FSC, I can issue you one. Please Read the following study guide and be prepared to take a 30-question test. The cost for an FSC is $25 and I charge a proctoring fee of 10.00 for a total of 35.00. The card is good for 5 years.  

 Acceptable  FSC exemptions:

  • Active or retired military with valid ID

  • Active or retired Police Officer

  • Hunting License (For non-semi-automatic centerfire rifles only!)


  • Exposed Weapon Permit issued by BSIS

  • Curio and Relic Collector license and accompanying COE (C&R purchases only)

Each purchaser will also be required to perform a safe handling demonstration and sign a safe handling affidavit to acknowledge they have been shown how, or know how to safely handle and secure their firearm per California law.

if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the contact page.

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