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California Ammunition Transfers:

As of January 1st 2018, all online ammo purchases must be sent to a CA firearms Dealer.

As of July 1st 2019, all ammo transfers must go through an authorized/licensed ammo vendor or dealer. all individuals wishing to purchase or have ammo shipped into the state must have a valid CA ID or Drivers license. all transfers between individuals must also go through a licensed dealer/vendor to have check run.

individuals already in the DES who have bought at least one gun with their current ID/License will pay a 1.00 standard eligibility check, which should take 60-90 seconds.

individuals who do not have a gun or who aren't currently in the Automated firearms system (DES) will have to submit to a 19.00 one time eligibility check. this check may take up to 10 days to complete. once passed, an Ammunition Transaction Number will be issued, and may be used once in a 30 day period to purchase ammo. after this, the information may be updated in the DES and the individual will only pay 1.00, however this is currently pending DOJ final ruling.

Prohibited individuals are those who are felons, or have pressing court orders that prevent gun ownership or ammunition ownership.  out of state visitors will not be able to purchase ammunition due to not having an ID. please see the flow chart below as well as this blog page for more details.












3rd party Vendors that I am currently accepting orders from:


Please note: as of may 21st, 2019, will now longer send ammo to ca.

roger's sporting goods

My fee for the transfer is  $25.00 per tracking number (for any amount of ammo) + rohnert park sales tax of 9% or $2.25 for  a total of 27.25 + the dros fee


 if you need ammo sent to the state, feel free to contact me at, or via the contact page, and I will be happy to help you get your shipment to you**.  please see the fee schedule below for more information.

Things you will need:

1) Your CA Drivers license or ID , 

2) The transfer fee as described below.

*please note: I will only release the order to the individual the item(s) are invoiced to. if you are not the purchaser, I will not release the ammunition to you, no exceptions.

Fee Schedule:

ammunition eligibility check fee (1.00 or 19.00 depending on your status in the AFS)  please note, all ammunition transfers, regardless of whether or not it's a PPT or a regular transfer are subject to eligibility checks and will need to be completed before a transfer can be completed. there are no exceptions for non-licensees to this rule!

Private Party Ammunition Transfer Fee 
$5 and no sales tax due. 
Both parties must be present to conduct a Private Party Ammunition Transfer. 

Ammunition Order Transfer Fee
Invoiced amount up to $400 = $25 depending on the vendor and account setup.
Invoiced amount over $400 = 5% of invoiced amount (please note: I reserve the right to waive this fee.)

Storage fees for Vendor Transferred Ammunition Received: 
Up to 15 days = Free
16 – 30 days = $25.00 additional fee*
31 – 60 days = $100.00 additional fee*

* Please note that the fees associated with storage are due to security reasons at my small shop and as such I must charge a fee as space is limited.


Ammunition left for more than 60 days will be considered abandoned and either returned to the initial seller or resold to cover storage expenses.

*Ammunition will only be released to the customer listed on the invoice and who matches their ID.
*All fees are non-refundable.

CA ammo law 2019 flow chart.jpg
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