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  • Ken Kraushaar

Sonoma County CCW qualification info.

Hey all,

hope this finds you well. been a while since I last posted anything due to lack of time and lack of me to do anything but work.

as most of you may or may not know, there's some new requirements that have taken place pertaining to firearms for CCW, and what can be installed, by whom, and who you can and can't go to in order to qualify with guns.

So, firstly, let me give you a run-down on what mods can be made to your gun as of october:

"Modifications – No trigger modifications. Red dot, optics, lasers, and assisting

sighting approved on the firearm used during the CCW approval process if the

modifications were done prior to approval. Applicants must qualify with and

without sight modifications. Instructors are required to have the civilian RDS

certification on file to qualify the above modifications."

the above is really important, especially the instructor credential for RDS, meaning, without a civillian RDS cert, instructors can't certify anyone on a RDS.

as for current how to's as of 1/22/24 the revised rules for RDS are as follows:

"Below are the rules and guideline for RDS mods:


  • RDS modifications can only be added to a CCW permit at time of initial or renewal applications Per the Sheriff modification applications for RDS will not be accepted

  • As of right now the only Amour that is certified with Sheriff’s Office to install RDS is Ken Kraushaar Firearms Service.  NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Applicant must attach proof of receipt for the installation from Ken or proof of purchase from the manufacture (if firearm was purchased direct)

  • FA Instructor must inspect the RDS for security and safety

  • FA Instructor must identify on the training certificate which firearm is equipped with RDS

  • FA Instructor must notate the RDS serial number on the training certificate

  • To avoid a permit from suspension, please ensure the renewal applicant is not adding RDS to all firearms listed on permit.   Doing so will cause their permit to become invalid until they have qualified and been issued a new permit."

so , really, these are things that have to be paid attention to for RDS. I am fortunate to be the only current certified armorer / gunsmith on the list for the county, so as you can imagine, I've been up to my eyeballs in RDS installs.

the only thing not on the list which is important is that if you're renewing and adding a gun with a red dot, then the certificate showing I installed it, or that the gun came with it pre-installed is to be added to the application that's uploaded to the sheriff's department.

that said, turn around time is fairly quick even though I install, and sight in every single firearm to make sure they work and are ready to go for you to qualify on.

please keep these new rules etc in mind when you're getting ready to renew, add a gun, add a dot, or apply for the first time.

as always, the best source for info on any of this is the ccw coordinator at the sheriff's department.

stay safe and happy shooting!


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