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  • Ken Kraushaar

Bullet math

Ever wonder how to compute the Drop of a bullet from the muzzle to the target?

Ever wonder how to find the true minute of angle of your rifle?

if you're like me, you probably haven't really done much serious math since high school. Further, since the advent of ballistic computers, apps, calculators, etc, less and less has the shooter had to.

But if you're also like me, you might be interested in how to do some of the calculations yourself. the following are some mathematical formulas I've come across which will help towards either helping you do just that, or at the very least, give you a headache, or if you're like me, both!

these are just some of the more interesting equations I've come across. for more of these, please check out earlier versions of some of the brand name reloading books, such as Nosler's reloading manual vol.2 (where I picked up these formulas) and other older books.

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