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Private Shooting lessons

So you've taken the introductory pistol course and you're ready for the next step? then private pistol shooting lessons may be for you!

Course Description

Ken Kraushaar Firearms Service offers one on one private instruction in line with what is offered in our Introductory course.

This ongoing lessons format is designed to teach the student various techniques in order to help them become more proficient in their pistol shooting ability.

this format consists of:

  1. Seated shooting to establish baseline trigger control and accuracy, determining dominant eye

  2. Standing shooting- bringing all the techniques together from the previous section

  3. alternate grip shooting with non-dominant hands

  4. completing various courses of fire over time to keep it fresh.

  5. introduction to precision pistol shooting.

  6. various durations of fire from 10 shots in 10 minutes to 5 shots in 10 seconds to establish proper follow through under different circumstances.

  7. recommendations for further classes depending on the student's end goals and instructors who can assist with said goals.

  8. establishing a baseline of skill to enable the student to transition into using their personal firearm and refining skills therein.

Private shooting lessons.

125.00 per session
( depending on duration desired.)

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