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  • FFL 07 Manufacturer of firearms other than destructive devices

  • California DOJ Licensed firearm Dealer..

  • Rohnert Park DPS LFL

CA DOJ Certs:

  • Certificate of eligibility holder

  • DOJ Certified FSC instructor

  • CA DOJ Anmmunition Vendor

  • CA DOJ Large Capacity Magazine Permit

USA Shooting Certs:
  • US Center for Safesport- Safesport trained

IFSA Course completion certs. :
  • Firearm Curio and relics (Oct 2015)

  • Firearm Safety and Clearing (jun 2015)

  • Firearm Nomenclature (jun 2015)

  • Firearm Classification (jun 2015)

  • Silencers (jun 2015)

  • Court testimony (jun 2015)

  • Firearm Cycle of Operation (jun 2015)

  • Firearm Mechanical Operation (jun 2015)

  • Any Other Weapon (Nov 2016)

  • Ammunition (Jan 2017)

  • Destructive Devices (apr 2017)

  • SBS/SBR and weapons made from rifles/shotguns. (May 2017)

  • Firearm Markings (May 2017)

  • Machine guns /clandestine conversions (may2017)

  • IFSA Recert 2023

CMP Certs:

  • Level 1 Range officer

  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (2013)

  • NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor (2019)

  • NRA Certified Basic Rifle Instructor (2023)

  • NRA Certified Level 1 smallbore coach (2023)

  • NRA Certified CCW Instructor (2023)

  • Ultimate Training Munitions/ NRA instructor course certificate.

  • NRA Club Officer Development Program

Competition history and personal achievements

  • SFRL Postal league team 2023 (srpc)- Small bore rifle 3 position.

2nd place srpc team, 3th place in the league over all, first year out.

  • SFRL postal league team 2024 (srpc)-

(2024) 1st place club team with, 2nd place in the league with an average score per target of 96.25 (Master rating using NRA 3p indoor smallbore criteria)

  • SRPC Sporter Match 2023: first participant to shoot a 300/300 score in the current history of the match

  • SPRC Sporter Match 2024: currently sit at about 298-295 on scores when I'm able to attend matches.

  • USAShooting

  • NRA-Endowment Life member

  • NRA-Business alliance

  • former member-American Gunsmithing association

  • Sebastopol Rifle & pistol club (president/coach/instructor/  board member)

  • Civillian Marksanship Program

  • California Rifle and Pistol Assoc.

Hi, my name is Ken Kraushaar. Thank you for visiting my site!

I am a life long Sonoma Country resident, and have been involved in the shooting sports since I was 5 years old. I am a 5th generation Bay Area resident of Portuguese and German decent with ties to the local Portuguese communities of the North Bay and Northern California dating back to the mid 1800s.


The Son, Grandson, and Nephew of retired military personnel who served during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, I was instilled with a respect not only for firearms in general, but the necessity to keep them functioning at optimum levels to ensure proper function and safety and was taught these lessons from a young age. Whether for hunting, plinking, or self defense, I was taught to always keep my firearm ready to be used.


I started my business in December of 2010 to fill a need: not only to provide quick service to other fellow sportsmen, but also to educate those who are new to shooting sports, as well as those who are unfamiliar with firearms in an effort to restore the respect to firearms which they rightly deserve.

I first started getting into gunsmithing to restore and repair my late father's, grandfather's and uncle's firearms. Later I got into accurizing and building my own firearms, and found I enjoyed it immensely. After some encouragement from my friend, Mr. Denis Kenny, I decided to get my FFL and show off some of my work to Terry and Daryl Penry of Petaluma Gun and Reloading supply, which has brought me to where I am today.

I formerly worked for my uncle and nationally known jeweler, the late Jerry Spaulding of JC Spaulding Co. , where I picked up many tricks for working with various metals, as well as learning how to achieve different finishes. My uncle was instrumental in helping me achieve an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, and is a primary reason why I strive for the kind of quality of work I would want for my own firearms, and do not cut corners- I will not release a firearm back to it's owner if I'm not satisfied with the work both as a source of personal pride but also as a means to honor my uncle, who sadly passed in 2022 due to cancer.

a little bit more about myself:

  • I am a NRA Endowment Life Member, an American Gunsmithing Association member, I am certified as a Range Safety Officer,  Basic Pistol Course and Basic Rifle Course Instructor through the National Rifle Association, a Certified California DOJ FSC instructor, and I am an Certified Firearms Specialist under the instruction of the "International Firearms Specialist Academy", an organization created by former ATF agent, IFSA Director Daniel O'Kelly.  I am also currently a member of the NRA Business Alliance.


  • In February- May of 2019, I was pleased to assist as a technical consultant in a student film from the SRJC's film school program, pertaining to the proper handling of prop firearms, and also assisted with making certain "pistol fire" damaged props for the film to ensure realism.

  • I am a member of the Sebastopol Rifle and Pistol Club, and hosted a free repair night for club members during the summer of 2018 with Mr. Paul Bobrow, and had done work for club members for several years before I was voted in as a club member.

  • In february of 2020, I was elected to the SRPC board of directors as a member at large and have served on the board for the past 3 years, and in 2023 was elected as president of the club, which I still serve in as of 2024

  • since 2020 I have chaired the SRPC new member orientation and member re-qualification committee in order to help the club to stay current on safety procedures and training for use in the club.

  • I currently participate in the SRPC 22 sporter rifle matches, where I was the first person to hit a perfect 300 score and hold the record for 3 "money maker" targets in a row; I also compete on the SRPC club smallbore rifle team in matches hosted by the San Francisco Rifle League.

  • In October 2023 I was certified as a Level 1 Smallbore/air rifle coach through the NRA which is recognized by the NRA, USA shooting and the CMP for coaching beginner and intermediate shooters. I plan on working through my AESEP coursework with a desire to get level 2 certified and get credentialed by the NRA NCDS to instruct coaches later once I've gained more experience.

  • in November 2023 I was certified as a level 1 CMP Range Officer

  • in December 2023 I was Certified as an NRA CCW instructor

  • as part of my regular smallbore training regimen I am currently pursuing my distinguished expert rating with the NRA marksmanship program in 3 position, and plan to go for double distinguished by completing the 4 position smallbore rating as well. these ratings are equivalent to a "sharpshooter" competition rating in each discipline they're earned in.

  • as of Jan 1, 2024 I was honored to be the first authorized RDS installer for Sonoma County CCW firearms, per the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department.

  • from OCT 2023 to current, I serve as a coach for the SRPC Junior Marksmanship program where I am responsible for working with both intermediate and advanced shooters. I am currently traveling with one of our Distinguished expert shooters to various competitions around the state in an effort to reestablish the SRPC Juniors as a program that can produce top tier shooters.


When I'm not at my shop in Rohnert Park, I can be found at SRPC volunteering in various programs such as Women on Target, NRA basic pistol course, and other classes hosted by the club under the instruction of Joe Owen, Jr. of Joe Owen Consulting, as well helping with the SRPC junior program as a coach; traveling to other competitions in the state with one of the juniors I coach,   and working on other creative projects in some of the more beautiful outdoor spaces that the north bay has to offer, and spending time with family and friends located throughout the state.

NRA Certs:

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