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A note from Ken:

Dear fellow shooting sports enthusiast,


During most times of the year when we are using our firearms, whether to target shoot or to hunt, it's easy to forget to take care of basic maintanance of our firearms. Work, Family, and other life events, often get in the way of taking care of this most essential of tasks in a timely fashion.


Have you been out shooting and experienced missing your mark because the trigger pull on your rifle was too gritty, gummy, or simply not as smooth as it could have been? or maybe the action itself wasn't functioning as smoothly as it should have? have you gone target shooting with friends, bringing along your prized 1911, but for the life of you, couldn't figure out what was causing it to be off it's mark?


If so, consider brining your firearms to me. Often the most simplest of problems can cause a cascade effect that robs your firearm of the accuracy you know it is capable of. My passion lies in accurizing firearms and making sure I can squeeze every last bit of performance out of them, without having to break the bank to do so. I love taking a lemon, and making it into a winner! I also love taking older firearms and ensuring their actions still work and that they are safe to shoot.


My prices are reasonable, and many times my turn around times are less than 3 weeks, depending on work desired, parts availability, and my current work load.


So if you want to have your firearm regularly serviced, cleaned after hunting season or after target practice, or prepped for off season storage, give me a call. I'm centrally located in Rohnert Park, and can arrange for pickup and delivery of firearms to suit your needs.


I look forward to helping you with all your firearms maintanence needs!




Ken Kraushaar,


Ken Kraushaar firearms service.



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