• Ken Kraushaar

Update: CA AW ruling

hey guys,

hope you're having a good early summer and are staying healthy.

I've gotten a couple of questions regarding the most recent ruling regarding 'assault weapons' in california, in light of Judge Benitez's ruling.

as it stands now, his ruling was stayed, by him, for 30 days, pending appeal, which the state AG and the governor have vowed to do.

what this means for us is that there is currently no change how how so called assault weapons are handled in california. the ruling does not mean you can go out and buy not compliant guns and have them shipped here, nor does it mean that you can remove your mag locks, thordsen customs stocks, or any other compliance hardware. this likely will continue on in court, so please stay tuned.

as of this moment, dealers have not been sent a bulletin regarding any rule changes, so consider the law still in effect until further notice.

as always, stay safe and happy shooting.



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