• Ken Kraushaar

quick update (operational)

hey guys,

just a quick update on a couple of items.

repair work in progress is still about 2.5-3 weeks out per job, although I'm still averaging better, so please bear with me. I'll reach out when jobs are completed, as they're completed.

transfers are still 1-2 days delayed but getting better for the DROS. shipping is also better than it was.

most importantly, after 8/12/20 I will have new operational hours, as I transition from semi-full time to full time. as most of you know I've been working a part time job for a while in addition to working as a gunsmith and thanks to the pandemic, this will be changing for the foreseeable future, and I will be handling repairs and transfers on a full time basis.

tentatively I'll be having office hours of 9-12, and workshop hours which will be operating until 6pm to get everything I need to do done. I'm not sure which days will be considered "off" as of yet, and will hope to remain flexible. updates will be posted here and on the home page.

as always, I want to thank you guys for your patronage and your assistance in helping this become a sustainable job. I truly appreciate it!

stay safe and happy shooting!



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