• Ken Kraushaar

Phone hours and custom orders

hey guys,

just a quick blurb regarding phone hours and special orders.

I generally am available monday-wednsday 2:30pm until 7pm. and work on projects after 7pm. recently I've had a customer call at various hours to talk about things not pertaining to jobs or special orders. I feel the need to reiterate that my office hours are intended to be for contacting me about gun related work or special orders, and the rest of the time needs to be free for me to work on repairs or paperwork. going forward if it's outside of the office hours, I will return calls the next day, starting at 2:30pm.

This is not personal, but only having a single phone line, I do need to keep it open for potential orders coming in or customers calling regarding work progress. I unfortunately don't have the free time to talk about unrelated conversations,as my days start at 3:30am, and often last until almost 10pm working on projects.

I count many of you as friends now, and would ask that you keep this in mind when you call.

Regarding special orders: when you have me order an item for you, that item is usually processed within the hour and is sent same day. many times I cannot cancel the item once I've ordered if it's exceeded an hour or so from the time you have me place the order to the time it ships out as most items ship within the hour, unless I order from back east.

I've had an instance recently where I was asked to order something, and then told not to, and got a couple of stories as to why. if you are unsure about whether you have the money for an item, or unsure that you actually want something, particularly a firearm, please hold of ordering one until you are sure.

while I have net 30 terms with a few accounts, all the others that I have I pay out of pocket at that time for. in the case of ammo, I'm stuck with it. in the case of guns, it's difficult to sent them back, and I while I can sell them, in order to make the account right, in some cases, I would take a loss.

That said, moving forward, if you have me order something and rescind the order, I will charge a 25% restocking fee on all orders. my time and account reputation is precious to me, and I've worked hard to establish the working relationships that I have with each vendor, so if you're not serious, please hold off on ordering until you are, that way neither of us (you the customer, and me the service provider) have to worry about the stress of the process.

in the long term, customers who perpetually have issues with ordering (i.e. have me order but aren't really sure they wan the money) will eventually be turned away, should the behavior continue.

again, this is not personal, but rather is a preventative measure I have to take in order to protect myself from any undue financial liability, and also to ensure neither you the customer, nor I, the service provider, are wasting our time.

if you have any questions, as always, please feel free to ask.

thank you for your understanding.



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