• Ken Kraushaar

DROS Delays and repair times

hey guys,

hope this finds you all well and safe and healthy.

I wanted to give an update about DROS times.

currently due to the covid-19 outbreak, there have been dros delays. I have experienced some, but not all DROS checks being delayed by about 12 days, so what would normally be delivered in about 10 days is sometimes taking 22 days. I also have had first time ammo purchases delayed by about this much as well. due to the unprecedented amount in buying and the short staffing at the DOJ, this is the situation we're in across the state. until a firearm reaches the 30 day mark, I cannot deliver it before hand, by law, so please keep this in mind when ordering firearms or transfers.

I check daily to make sure guns have passed, so I'll be in contact with those who fall into this category as soon as they clear.

in terms of repairs: if a firearm is new-ish and parts are commonly had, I can usually get repairs done within my normal 1-1.5 week timeframe, but I'm allowing 2-2.5 weeks due to sheer volume.

older firearms whose parts are difficult to come by and must usually be gotten via numrich or some other parts company will be SOL, as those are likely the ones I cannot get parts for until various states open parts businesses, etc back up.

at any rate, this is just an update for you all. any questions, please feel free to reach out in terms of lead times on order delivery, job completion, etc.

stay safe, and if you have your own property, happy shooting!



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