• Ken Kraushaar

Covid update round.... ? (and buyer beware)

Hey guys,

just an update. I am still up and running as an essential business. nothing has changed in that regard and I am receiving packages.

ammo special orders are delayed but are being filled as fast as I possibly can get them filled by the warehouse(s). special projects are still on going as the machine shop allows.

repairs are on their normal time frame: 2 1/2 weeks or less. transfer fees are still 60.00 per firearm plus the dros fee.

on a related note, due to covid-19, gun buyers should be aware that there are some unscrupulous shops out there (including at least 2 locally that will remain nameless) which are price gouging customers for the cost of their guns. this is happening in cases of popular guns such as glocks, ar15's and shotguns.

the purchaser would do well to do research to make sure they know they are getting a fair and reasonable price on their guns. $500 dollar guns are being sold for 1000, and 700 dollar rifles are being sold for as much as $2000. while it is understandable that a buyer is buying peace of mind in these uncertain times, with many first time gun buyers falling victim to this, realize that price gouging during a crisis and declared emergency is illegal locally, and if you feel you are falling victim to this, please consider contacting the DA, sheriff, or local law enforcement.

also consider shopping with shops that are more concerned about helping you than they are making an extra 1200 off of your fears. there are several shops, including my own, which are here to serve you, and help, rather than take advantage of you. it is my hope at least, that in the long run, if I treat you right, that you will come back, but even if you don't, I have a moral and ethical responsibility to treat you right.

as always, if anyone has any questions about work in progress, purchases, etc. please reach out and I will do my best to continue providing the customer service you've expected from me.

stay safe and happy shooting!


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Hi guys, hope this finds you well. I wanted to mention something because I'm not sure how many people realize the responsibilities gun shop owners/employees/ etc have. like many other state and feder