• Ken Kraushaar

Covid update round 4 and DROS info, delivery times, turn around time, etc.

hey guys,

hope this finds you well. I wanted to give a quick update on the situation here. Sonoma county is experiencing a rise in covid cases so I'm taking extra precations to sanitize the paperwork area for customers. if you have special needs , please make sure to communicate them to me when you're coming by for paperwork or repair dropoff/pickup , as I will vary my PPE levels accordingly or arrange for paperwork to be done in your vehicle as necessary.

secondly. dros delivery times are better now, with many items going within a day or two of their scheduled earliest time. this is much better than the initial delay we were experiencing of an additional 12 days on top of the 10, so this is almost back to "normal". I would ask that if you have a DROS in process that you remember to give a call or email to check on your delivery, just to verify that it is going through or in process etc.

orders shipped UPS are in limbo. they are either on time or delayed. I've had long guns get delayed by as much as a month. if at all possible, I would ask if you're having something shipped to me, that you choose fedex or usps, or ask the shipper to send this way, as they are not experiencing these delays or overload of orders.

I also wanted to note that there is about a 10-14 day delay on ammo shipments from the various warehouses we all work with across the board in the industry, so please allow for that between the point you order, and it shipping from the warehouse.

service work/repairs are still on track and I'm averaging still 2 weeks or less to completion. the biggest issue is parts supply and shipping as I mentioned. if I have a job of yours, please make sure to check in peridically.

and lastly, I want to thank you all for your patronage! I will be looking at moving to a full time basis for this and providing better service in the future. I'm a one man band, so I'm grateful for your patience with me; I will continue to strive to provide the same individualized service that most of you have come to expect from me, and look forward to continue working with you all!


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