• Ken Kraushaar

Covid-19 update round 3

hey guys,

hope this finds you well, and safe as we get into the summertime months.

I just wanted to give a little update here about operations. with the reopening of more aspects of normal life, here in sonoma county, I will be able to once again live fire test pistols, as I would have previous, for function testing, due to the reopening of the sebastopol rifle and pistol club, where I frequently do this kind of work.

I still am waiting for Circle S ranch to reopen, and once it does, I will be able to once again do live fire testing and range sight in for rifles. I am, however, able to still sight in and use a collumator to sight in scopes to get non-rimfire rifles to a point where they will be "on paper" at whatever yardage is desired.

also, I do still require basic PPE when coming over to the shop for customer safety, as I am somewhat more exposed than the average person, as my family members work in the medical industry, and my part time job is also considered an "essential business" and has been exposed to a large degree the whole time. while nobody in my family, including myself, has been diagnosed with symptoms of, or with covid-19 itself, it's an extra precautionary measure I am taking for all of our sakes/all of our saftey.

I do sanitize the table where we fill out paperwork, all the pens, and generally wear gloves or sanitize a firearm after I've touched it as well.

in time these measures will be reduced, but for right now, I hope folks understand.

at any rate, I am still up and running and can still do special orders upon request, so please check out the web store, or hit me up via email with any questions you might have.

also, just a side note, I will be gone from 6/18-6/21 for a funeral in Idaho, and will be back and ready to go 6/19; I may not be as responsive as normal due to this but I will return any emails and calls if I'm able to/upon my return.

as always, stay safe, and happy shooting!


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