• Ken Kraushaar

COVID-19 operational update

hey guys,

just a quick update from the shop. due to the corona virus pandemic , many shops, including mine, have been shut down, as we're not considered essential businesses. The NSSF is trying to get the federal government to change that, however, until then, I will still be receiving orders, but transfers will likely either wait until the order is lifted in april, or I will make 1 on 1 appointments in order to get firearms currently DROSed to their owners.

I also will do my best to continue working on projects currently in progress, however getting parts to and from barrel makers, etc, will likely be difficult at this time, and parts availability will depend on whether or not a particular shop is up and running for me to get parts from.

also, due to ammo hoarding, most popular calibers are pretty scarce . I am still doing a low transfer amount to incoming orders from places like target sports, however I'm unsure of whether I can actually get orders placed for ammo myself from my distributors. for instance, I could not get any 9mm about a week ago, and what little was available was the more expensive home defense stuff, so I implore you: if you are currently target shooting, save your ammo for right now, you won't be able to replace it.

anyways, I hope you all are safe and sound, and I look forward to doing business with you all once this thing is over.


Ken Kraushaar is a gunsmith and certified firearm specialist operating out of his home in sonoma county. currently you can find him at the shop. under non-corona circumstances, he enjoys the many parks here in sonoma county, and can be found at sebastopol rifle and pistol club enjoying the range as a member and board of directors member.


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