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Corona Virus updates, DROS delays etc.

hi all,

first let me say that I hope this finds you all healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.

I wanted to give an update regarding local gun businesses being considered "essential businesses," and why that is.

Recently there's been a kerfuffle in our local paper about the sheriff deeming gun businesses essential and there have been a few people calling for his recall due to this. some have made the connection that he's pro gun because he ran on a platform of allowing CCW applications to be more available to the general public, which have been, needless to say, off base because of the sheer amount of hoops you still have to go through in order to get a CCW. While he has opened up the process to us mere mortals who aren't in the know or have county connections, it's still, nonetheless a process.

At any rate, the guidance that we all received, including law enforcement, from the DHS was that gun businesses were considered essential due to our support of law enforcement, namely police go through businesses to secure ammunition and firearms. this applied to shooting ranges as well, as ranges were considered to be a support role for this reason as well.

another side to this, as many may not be considered, is that as a police force becomes exposed and infected, it reduces the effectiveness of said police force, and as such, people are in large part on their own, especially in rural areas. the Heller decision affirmed that the second amendment applied to ones self defense, so gun businesses could be considered essential in their support of one's self defense. Already we're finding instances of first time buyers purchasing here in california, which has been somewhat of an educational experience for these buyers, as many are unaware of the onerous requirements voted into place by people who were mislead, and a legislature which has been taking their liberties with legislation based off of that legislation. these first time buyers are fearful enough that they are buying now, which is both good and bad.

but it essentially is for these reasons as well, that we are called essential, because we provide services that relate to the protection of the public.

this brings me to the next topic, the DROS delays.

currently there is a delay in DROS processing due to the sheer volume being encountered, and the DOJ has posted the following:

"Under Penal Code section 28220(f)(4), the Department of Justice (DOJ) has up to 30 days to complete background checks on firearms purchasers. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, DOJ typically completed these checks within Penal Code Section 26815(a)'s 10-day waiting period. COVID-19 protective measures have impacted the ability to increase the personnel resources in the DROS unit to address the recent sustained increase in firearms and ammunition transactions without compromising the health and safety of our employees and the community. As a result, firearms and ammunition dealers and purchasers should know that as DOJ employees continue to perform the statutorily required background checks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, circumstances may compel that background checks are completed after the expiration of the 10-day waiting period for firearms purchases. DOJ will continue to strive to provide the best service and complete these checks in the shortest time possible."

what this means is that due to there being a shortage of staff at the DOJ, DROS transactions are being delayed. while we here at Ken Kraushaar Firearms Service are trying to do everything we can to get information on this, currently the only guidance for DROS' which have not cleared is to keep looking. this is an industry wide problem here in california, for both small shops like mine, as well as large shops, so please keep this in mind. I cannot release ammo and firearms until given approval by the DOJ.

I will give updates as I have them but this is the why of what's going on, essentially the same buying patterns that has ran us out of toilet paper in local markets and ammunition in gun shops is now affecting our ability to process background checks, so please keep this in mind as you are ordering or having transfers sent to any dealer, even if it's not me.

as always, stay safe and happy shooting.


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