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ammo receiving cost breakdown

Hey guys,

Hope this finds you and yours, safe and healthy. I wanted to take a brief moment to break down ammo receiving.

As many of you know, I work from home, and these past few months have been some of my busiest, ever. In addition to the rush to send in gun deliveries, another thing that has happened is that ammunition has become scarce. This has been in large part due to ammo manufacturers, distributors, etc. having a hard time meeting demand.

As a result, this has necessitated many of us ordering online through sites like gunbroker, and , due to California's law regarding ammunition, we have to have it sent to dealers like myself.

With the advent of ammunition background checks being on the horizon, I instituted a fee that I thought was reasonable for my time, which is a flat fee of 25.00 per shipment/tracking label, every time an order is sent to me.

I did it this way to encourage buyers to buy as much ammo as they could, realizing that the more ammo somebody bought, the more it would cost them to purchase greater quantities of ammunition if I did a per round cost versus a fixed rate. for instance, some shops, charge .05-.10 cents a round, plus storage fees, tax, etc., which ends up working in the dealer's favor, rather than the customer's. I chose not to go this route to give my customers the best deal, while asking the bare minimum that I thought was reasonable for the time spent in waiting for deliveries, plus processing the paperwork, which is tedious.

Still, there are some folks who seem to think that my 25.00 flat fee per package is excessive. To those folks, I would like to point out the following:

  • The reality is that I'm essentially making 2.50 an hour to wait for your package, so that you can use my license to have ammo shipped into california. because I work from home, many times ammo orders do not show up until 8pm, which means if I get started at 9 or 10 in the morning, I cannot leave my house to do other things until after your package shows up, and often, it is the case that a package doesn't show up until 8pm. that's 10 hours of waiting per package.

  • This is my livelihood. to those of you who work for an employer who might think my 25.00 flat fee per package is excessive, ask yourself whether or not you would work for 2.50 an hour, 10 hours a day, under the condition that your employer tells you that you can't leave until your work is done. that probably wouldn't go over too well, would it?

  • when you break down to the cost structure, realize that when you're buying a case of ammo, and say that case comes in a single package with a single tracking label. and say that the package had 2000 rounds of ammunition in it. I'm effectively only making .0125 cents a round on the deal, whereas other sites and shops which charge .05-.10 cents a round on the same order, are making 100 dollars off of you, not including tax.

  • further, when an order is broken up into multiple packages, it incurs the same 25.00 fee. why you might ask? because every part of the order may not show up at the same time, and I have to track them individually, verify their contents, process them, and store them. I can't control this any more than you can, however, I have to be paid for my time, which I could be doing other things with, but I choose to remain at home to receive your order. this is not unreasonable. again, even with three packages, containing the same 2000 rounds, I'm still only making .0375 cents a round, which is less than what you would be charged elsewhere.

  • Keep in mind this as well: my minimum hourly rate for gunsmithing services is 45-50 dollars per hour. if I charged what I feel my time is actually worth, I would agree that the fees are excessive, however, I'm charging only a fraction of what my time is worth to me, especially considering I try my best to make the entire process as quick and easy as possible, start to finish.

Again, I want to reiterate that my ammo receiving service is geared to allow the consumer/customer to buy in large quantities at minimal cost. further, I'm one of the few in the area who will receive ammo and not charge what I probably should to process, track, and store it. The 25.00 fee is not unreasonable to me, as a result, and realistically, I've had the same pricing on my site since 2019, including pricing for storage that I do not actually hold to, at all.

If you are considering ordering, please considering what exactly you're paying for. you're paying for my time and the minimal charge that I think is fair for using my license to get something that is next to impossible to get right now, and something that you can't even go to most retail stores and get right now.

While I encourage my customers to take advantage of my ability to receive, I kindly ask you not to take advantage of me in the process; again, it may not seem like it, but even though I work from home, this is a business, and it's entirely necessary for me to set appropriate boundaries and ask for what I'm worth.

Thank you for your understanding.


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