• Ken Kraushaar

a Word about Legality and 'jokes'

Hi guys,

hope this finds you well. I wanted to mention something because I'm not sure how many people realize the responsibilities gun shop owners/employees/ etc have.

like many other state and federally controlled industries, we have certain things we need to make sure we're doing. in the case of california, we have to worry about taxes paid on out of state purchases in terms of our dealings with the CDTFA where we're responsible for making sure those purchases are taxed due to a recent court victory the state had, and in the cases where we're unsure, we have to apply the tax at the fair market value of the item, whatever that may be. we also have to make sure you follow all rules and regulations, that you have an approved locking device, etc.

now, just like any other controlled item, we also are supposed to report when we know of something suspicious going on. we actually have a phone number with both the state as well as the feds in order to report that kind of thing.

case in point: I had a customer who purchased a revolver online and brought it to me to be repaired. I had to outsource the repair to somebody who was better equipped to make the repair, and all was fine. at the time, what I didn't know was that the item had been purchased online and sent to him under the premise that the gun was an antique, however, I had determined that it fell into the category of curio and relic because it could still fire commonly available centerfire cartridges. I told the owner at the time, for legality sake, he would want to make sure he registered the gun, because it could cause him an issue. which he promptly ignored.

the customer then was interested in buying a rifle which fired the same cartridge and had reached out to me to see if I would work on it for him and inspect it for him. I told him that if he wanted me to work on it that would be fine, as long as it had been gotten legally. the individual stated he'd would be getting it the same way he got the revolver. I reiterated that it was illegal and copied and pasted the federal and state laws, which he then said he didn't care about some ruling from a corrupt judge on the 9th circuit. I reiterated that it wasn't a law via court ruling and that he would be violating both state and federal laws buy acquiring the gun in the manner he'd intended to , and that if he brought it to me, I'd have to report him.

the individual then questioned whether I really made money gunsmithing or just via transfers, as if maybe I was after the transfer money , and then questioned whether or not I was a russian spy.

I told him that I had tried to tell him the legal side, and for whatever reason, he is choosing to ignore it and then resorted to insulting my integrity and questioning my allegiance. keeping in mind, this is a naturalized citizen, and not somebody from this country, and proceeded to tell him not to contact me any further. he tried to play it off as a joke and that I needed to lighten up.

now there are a couple of issues here:

1) I take the law very seriously as violations can land me in jail and running afoul of the law is not something I ever intend to do. in order to provide for myself and afford a life and hopefully expand, I have to follow the law, otherwise I don't get to play. I'm also not one to fudge things just to help somebody out. if it's illegal, then it's illegal.

2) questioning my integrity is always a sure fire way to get you nowhere with me. I take that very seriously and run an honest business.

3) I take the allegiance to my country seriously. my family are not only immigrants from Germany and Portugal, but my grandparents, uncle, and father, all served in the military. while I may not like things politically at times, I'm proud of where I live. it means something to me.

questioning my integrity and my allegiance to my country is no joke. asking me to do something or turn a blind eye to illegality when you're sending me electronic proof of your intent is also stupid. there's record of your intent online and on a server. even were it in conversation, and there was no record, I still will not do something illegal so you can have a toy.

the point of all of this is to emphasize one simple fact to you the customer/reader or potential customer: I run an business based off of integrity to support a right we share as americans and to do so in the safest and most legal way possible. I will do everything I can to make this a great experience for you, however it has to be done in the right way. if you have any problem with this, then I kindly ask you to look elsewhere. I have too much to lose , and you won't take care of me should I lose my business. it's just not worth it to do things any other way than the right way.

thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to doing business with those of you who get it, soon!