• Ken Kraushaar

a good perspective, and a history lesson on the purpose of guns from the Netharlands

hey all, came across this video. it's a TedTalk and it kind of is a good representation of why we have a second amendment. this is a presentation by Peter van Uhm, the Netherlands chief of defense.

there's the notion that somehow firearms are for hunting, recreation, etc. that there's no "need" for various types of arms. the second amendment was the second right in the bill of rights, which was the right that protects all other rights we are given.

in the video, he talks about how , when all avenues have failed to either stop a tyrant, or occupying army, or criminals, that sometimes brute force is necessary to protect the country, the community, the self.

Realistically, the gun is an instrument of peace and stability, it's used by militaries, LE, and civilians.

There's a reason all men of age, are considered part of the militia, and that we're guaranteed that right: we're the last line of defense when it comes to an overwhelming force, or a government that has turned on it's people (as many think has happened or are deathly afraid is happening with courts becoming more conservative;) as he says, the gun is not some macho thing to brag about, but rather, a tool, and when our governments, state or otherwise, prevent us from having 'good guns' , there may be unintended consequences, which may be contrary to the notion of safety, which this limitations or restrictions are often the cause of the opposite.

it's worth checking out, so please take a minute and check out this video.


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