• Ken Kraushaar

4-8 Covid-19 operational update

hey all,

hope this finds you well.

as you all may or may not know, gun shops, until recently, have been rather limited in what they can and cannot do, and were not considered "essential" businesses up until last week.

Sheriff Essick has decided that gun businesses are indeed essential, and The rohnert park police department, petaluma police department, and santa rosa police departments have all decided to align with this view.

what that means for me is that I will begin contacting customers regarding transfers and orders that were either sent to me, or placed, and begin the process of getting paperwork going.

I ask that you please have some patience, as, like many of you know, I work for myself and have limited space to work in, and will be doing my best to mitigate any health concerns for myself, my customers and my family.

please give me a shout out if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to get people in and out as quickly and safely as possible.



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