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CZ 97B first impressions

Hey guys,

hope this finds you well. here in northern california, we just got our first rains, so everything is a little cold and wet but otherwise okay (hey after the Kincaid fire, we'll take the rain and cold!)

anyways, I wanted to write on first impressions on the cz 97b. I was able to get on a list from my newest account (Chattanooga Shooting supplies, Thanks Lucy!) and it showed up at my door yesterday.

This gun was originally developed and released back in 1997. It was supposedly designed as an update to the 75b, and shares many of it's controls and features, however, aside from missing the rubberized grips, it resemebles a SP01, save for a different barrel, and barrel bushing from the 75 family of pistols.

This particular gun is a newer model, so it has the fiber optic front sight, and thin aluminum grips, making it sleek.

weight wise, it's about the same as my rock island 1911, and due to the grips, is actually thinner in the hand than my 1911. those who complained early on about the width in previous models must have had dainty hands, as the 97 feels thinner in my hand than my 75b and the sp01, due to the lack of buildup in the palm. this is with a double stack 10 round magazine for a 45. again, the frame, when lined up, is no more wide than my 1911 with a single stack magazine, which is interesting.

the gun itself has a pretty heavy double action, listed at around 8lbs, although the single action, while having a bit of uptake, breaks pretty crisp, with no grittiness. I would say the break is at about 4 lbs, though I haven't tested it with my trigger pull gauge just yet.

the action has a pretty light recoil spring, which I've read can be problematic, and I'll likely swap out, and has a delrin guide rod, which flexes, and I'll likely replace both down the road after shooting it as is. interesting is the screw on barrel bushing, and the guide rod housing which serves to lock it in place, similar to the "button" on a 1911. the fit of the bushing itself is pretty tight, with little or no play noticeable. the locking surfaces are also interesting, as it functions more similar to a glock or xd barrel in that it locks on the front face of the chamber area of the barrel, as opposed to using locking lugs like the 1911, cz75 or SP01.

the package comes with 2 magazines, a barrel wrench, instruction manual, lock, and lockable case.

upgrades for the gun are plentiful, though they tend to cost a bit (the complete upgrade kit from cajun costs about 310.00). this will at least give me some ability to tune it if I desire.

I'll follow up in a subsequent post, but I'm excited to see how this shoots at the range, as I've been pretty happy with the CZ75BD that I own and have modified extensively (note: I was happy with it before I modified it!), so we'll see how this one goes.

until then, stay safe, happy thanksgiving, and happy shooting!

Ken Kraushaar is owner and operator of Ken Kraushaar Firearms Service, and runs his shop out of beautiful Sonoma County, California. Ken has over 30 years of shooting experience, is an IFSA Certified Firearm Specialist, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, DOJ FSC Instructor, and NRA Certified RSO. When he's not at the shop, he can be found at SRPC, Circle S Ranch, or enjoying many of Sonoma County's regional and State parks.


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