• Ken Kraushaar

Update on items that will cause a denial for ammunition purchases

Hey guys,

just wanted to give an update on items that will cause a denial for ammunition purchases with the new dros system.

As you know of as of July 1st of this year, all ammunition purchases must go through a licensed vendor for people without federal firearms licenses we're collectors licenses. One of the things that will 100% of the time cause a denial is incorrect information being in put into the background check.

Recently a customer and I found out that employees at a few of the gun stores here in Sonoma county are asking prospective buyers for certain information when inputting data for the background check. This will cause issues when the background check is run.

The reason for this beingthat the check is run exclusively off of data from your driver's license. If the state of does not match it will immediately deny and ammo purchase even if you just purchased a new firearm.

in the case of my customer I knew for a fact that he had just purchasing it firearm from me,, and should have passed a new background check. What we had found out was that a customer service representative at 2 stores in the area had asked him for his weight and what he told them did not match what was on his driver's license. Because of this he was denied the standard eligibility check and could not purchase ammunition from them.

so there are a couple of ways to avoid this one is on the dealer's side of things, and which the dealer just needs to invest in a card reader that can pick up the tracks for the California driver's license, the other is to make sure that if you are asked while having your information taken down for a background check for a munition that you tell them exactly the same information that is listed with your driver's license this includes name ,date of birth ,weight hair color, eye color, gender, phone number etc.

Because if these items do not match you will be denied flat-out. the same can be said if you have an FSC card that has incorrect information on it such as in correct spelling of your name. something like this will cause a denial for a firearms purchase and will not allow the purchase to proceed. so prospective buyers who have not gotten a new FSC card and quite some time need to review the data on the card to make sure that it is actually matching what is on your driver's license as well.

anyways just an update for you all again on things that we found out about how this new system does or does not work.

Stay safe, have a good veterans day , and happy shooting


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