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Hey all hope this finds you well.

Just a note as of October 30th 2019, my shop is back up and running. We have power, and the phones are back up with the answering machine working. I am currently trying to get previous jobs on the bench completed as quickly as possible so I thank you for your patience, I will be contacting some of the easier jobs to complete very shortly.

Just a note, I'm still working on some of the more complex jobs I'm having to look at a new support machinist as the one I currently use for firearms projects is inundated with their own work and may not be readily available so I'll update anybody who requires lathe work, milling, drilling, etc. as to the status of where that's at so I ask that you please be patient with me while I get a new machine shop set up to work with me.

Also just to note, I will be increasing some of the prices on labor etc within the next couple of months to make the leap into doing this full-time so please check the price page for updates. Currently I have no intention on increasing the transfer fees at this time for firearms, however I may consider increases on ammo transfers moving forward, as this is one area where I charge severely under anybody else in the area.

To all my West county friends, welcome home I hope you guys are all safe and your properties are safe as well, I look forward to seeing you at srpc, or circle s ranch.

Stay safe, and happy shooting.


Ken Kraushaar is a gunsmith and lifelong resident if Sonoma county, and is an ifsa certified firearm specialist, NRA certified RSO and pistol instructor, and has over 30 years of experience in the shooting sports

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