• Ken Kraushaar

New vendor!

Hey guys,

Just an update on my vendor offerings, I now have accounts with Chattanooga shooting supplies Inc. Which will be soon available off of my gearfire website. They are currently in beta for this functionality however I will be taking orders from them directly if necessary. 

If anybody want anything from them please let me know and I'll be happy to place an order and get you a price on whichever item you're looking at. depending on their price point I may order directly from them as I almost exclusively use zander's ,lipsey's ,and Davidsons, for firearms orders and or tooling.

after getting their catalogs in the mail for quite some time I am happy to be working with them and once account terms are approved, hopefully will place orders with them soon!

After the closure of green supply this brings me back to six distributors to choose from to hopefully offer the best pricing possible for special orders.

Thanks and have a great day!


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