• Ken Kraushaar

Navigating the CA ammo law july 1 2019

hey guys, as July 1 2019 rapidly approaches I've been trying to compile as much information as possible about the new laws and put them in various locations on my website.

the picture below is a flow chart based off of one created by LAX ammo in Orange county which describes the basic information about the law, which can be found in a couple of places, most notably in releases provided by Michel lawyers.

as you can see , the long and short of it, is that if you are eligible for ammo purchases, you must have a valid CA ID, or CA drivers license, which will be entered into the DES (dros entry system) similar to how firearms purchases occurred. if you are an out of state resident, you are SOL.

if you are a prohibited person, IE a felon in the APPF, or somebody who is not from this state, you will be denied.

standard eligibility check fees for those who have bought a firearm and had a dros ran are 1.00 per transaction. if the purchase happens at the same time as a firearms DROS, the ammunition transaction fee will be waived. this should take no longer than 60-90 seconds for the check to be completed.

if you have a license but have not purchased a firearm with it (i.e. you have guns but you haven't bought any within the last 20 or so years) you can apply for the basic eligibility check, which will cost 19.00. this apparently is a one time fee and an ammunition transfer number will be provided for use with the purchase. the key detail is that this check can take up to 10 days. According to the addendum to the law provided by DOJ. this will supposedly update your information in the state's system and you will qualify for the 1.00 fee in the future.

there are certain exemptions to this law, which are also detailed in a bulletin put out by Michel Lawyers and the CRPA.

anyone seeking further information on the new laws should read the bulletins and the addendum.

as always, leading up to the check I am still handling transfers for ammunition. the fee on this is 20.00 in most cases, until july 1st. I may or may not reevaluate out of state order fees after that, so please take advantage while you still can.

as always, please stay safe, happy shooting, and be prepared for the new laws coming to CA soon.

Ken Kraushaar is a gunsmith and IFSA firearm specialist based in Sonoma county, California, with over 30 years of shooting experience.

when not in the shop or in the range, can be found in any number of the area's wildnerness areas hiking or enjoying the scenery.