• Ken Kraushaar

Goodbye Lucky Gunner

hey guys, just a note about luckygunner.com, due to all the law changes, they will no longer be shipping to ca.

here's what amy from lucky gunner had to say about it:

"Hi Ken,

​Thank you for reaching out. I am happy to explain what is going on.

I am sorry to say that due to a combination of ammo-specific regulations and other new laws being passed in California, we are no longer able to ship any orders to that great state. When Proposition 63 passed a couple of years ago, we worked very hard to build a system that would connect customers in California with friendly FFLs and other licensed ammunition vendors who could satisfy the law’s face-to-face transfer requirements. Unfortunately, in July that law requires a background check element. We had anticipated being able to meet that requirement if nothing else changed, but as you know, California continues to pass new burdensome laws. In particular, California recently passed a new privacy law that will impose a great deal of cost on our company and on the FFLs who help us in California. The combination of these regulations, in addition to the unfriendly environment for 2A-supporting companies, means that we simply cannot find a way to serve California customers and still remain in business. We are very sorry that we will no longer be able to serve our great customers in California, and we are grateful for your business and support to this point. We will miss our California friends, and continue to hope that we will be able to serve you again in the future. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



this is kind of a bummer because luckygunner has been great to work with, which is why I charged so minimally for transfers from them. for me it's a loss because I've been using them for ammo since the early 2010s both for business and personal . I'll miss them.

this illustrates why it's important to get out and vote against stuff like the laws we keep having come up for the sake of "safety", as sometimes the net outcome ends up being that we no longer have access to guns or ammunition because of it, and before you know it, we end up not being able to enjoy the hobby we love, have the protection we enjoy, or the means to employ it.


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