• Ken Kraushaar

Bersa Firestorm update

Hey guys, hope this finds you well.

I thought I'd give an update about the bersa firestorm and how it shoots. much apologies for taking so long to post this.

in shooting the bersa, it's actually very accurate. I was able to get a good grouping at 15 feet, which amounted to maybe 1.5" to 2" groupings per four shots.

My copilot, Amy K. was able to actually do better than this, and was consistently getting an inch or under at the same distance.

one of the things I noted about this gun is that it seems to favor a smaller palm. due to the way that my hand is shaped, I was consistently hit in the nerve between my thumb and trigger finger while shooting, which affected my ability to hold the gun comfortably. because Amy's hands are actually smaller, she was able to fare much better, and felt no discomfort at all. this may be in part due to the alignment of the barrel, which is integral in the design of the pistol, much like a walther ppk.

one of the things to note about it as well, as that it was necessary to polish both the barrel at the chamber end, as well as the feed ramp in the frame to allow for each cartridge to feed correctly. after this was done, there were no problems.

one of the advantages of this gun is actually the same setup that made it uncomfortable for me to shoot: the barrel is seated in the frame itself, and functions as an extension of where your hand is pointing, rather than sitting above it or pivoting on a pin, meaning the slide actually functions independently of the barrel, as opposed to the barrel being independent of the frame except by linkage or other means like in most other pistols, such as ruger's lc390, or 1911's or glocks.

what this means is that with less moving parts, the gun is able to be more accurate. I've had success hitting the center bull at 50 feet while messing with it at SRPC, which for me is difficult with a 3" barrel.

all in all, for the price, this makes for a good, accurate conceal carry gun, or firearm for somebody with a smaller hand, so definitely check it out for yourselves.



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