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glock musings

hi all,

hope you're enjoying your week thus far. I thought I'd write a little bit about glocks, and my first impressions of them.

I've been shooting pistols probably for the better part of 15 years now. before that I'd been primarily brought up shooting rifle and shotgun. my first pistol was a springfield xd, which I didn't really like, but still use every so often, and then bought a rock island 1911 fs, which can be seen in my gallery, and I'm absolutely in love with.

prior to experiences with glocks, I really didn't want anything to do with them. they weren't particularly attractive to me, but everyone seemed to have them, and my good friends at petaluma gun and reloading have always spoken highly of them.

this year has brought me several glocks to work on. mostly in terms of accuracy improvements and trigger jobs, and I have to say, for ease of working on, the glock was relatively simple and enjoyable with only 34 or so parts to work on, and was as enjoyable and straight forward to work on as my 1911.

accuracy was improved simply by replacing the plastic guide rod and most trigger jobs were as easy as polishing a few parts, thereby reducing the trigger pull significantly. for instance, my glock 31 in 357 sig, was brought down from a 5lb-ish average (per 10 pulls) trigger pull, to 3 1/2, and replacement of a couple of other parts, and polishing of those, brought it down to a 1lb 8ounce pull per 10 pull average.

one of the biggest complaints I've heard about the glock is the grip, which I agree, is boxy, but that said, I also have been able to shoot pretty accurately with one after little to no experience, getting inside the center bull at 25 yards out at circle s, which , for me, is pretty good considering I don't shoot pistols much and prefer rifles.

all in all, despite being an ugly gun, for ease of work, I would say that with a couple tweeks (slide release, mag release, and takedown switch) the gun it self is pretty good, and gives you something relatively easy to work off of from there.

for basic glocks I've seen them for under 600, which is about standard for entry level guns, and they have a well known and respected name.

while they may not be the most attractive guns, I will say that glocks, from a repair standpoint and shooting stand point, have earned a little bit more respect from me.

as always, take care, stay safe, and happy shooting

Ken Kraushaar is a life long sonoma county resident , gunsmith, and ifsa certified firearm specialist with a small shop in rohnert park, ca.


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