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a couple new projects

hey guys, hope this finds you well. just a bit of an update for anyone who is curious.

I've been working on a couple of projects lately, one is a glock 31 in 357 sig, the other is a cz75 BD with all sorts of goodies.

what I'll be doing in the coming months is breaking down each gun with step by step how to's on taking it apart, similar to how I did the sks tutorial a while back.

the cz75bd in particular is an interesting one, and isn't as difficult to put together as it seems. a majority of the issue in tutorials is the lack of pictures where we can see the sear cage clearly, so my goal will be to do a good set of pictures and tutorial.

with both guns, I've been able to get sub 3lb pulls. the glock I have down to 1lb 8oz, for 10 pull average, while the cz I have at a 3lb double action pull, and about 1lb 18oz per 5 pull average.

once I'm happy with the tinkering, I'll work out pricing for trigger jobs, and whatnot to accompany the price list on the main page, so stay tuned for that.

also, one of the neat things about the cz is that I went with a Sig Romeo1 RMR sight, so I'll be writing a little bit about that in the coming weeks as well.

this month has proven to be really interesting for gun laws in the state, so stay tuned as we try to sort all of this out!

Stay safe and happy shooting!


Ken Kraushaar is a gunsmith and IFSA certified firearms specialist who works out of beautiful sonoma county ca.


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