• Ken Kraushaar

news for 2019: a new web store!

hey all, I hope this finds you well

I am pleased to announce a partnership with gearfire.com which will allow me to give my customers direct access to the inventories of my current wholesale distributors in the form of a web store.

what this will allow is for the ordering of items so that special orders will no longer be dependent upon getting ahold of me, in order to place.

certain items will have the ability to drop ship, such as gear and accessories, while firearms and ammunition will still have to be shipped to me in order to have them transferred in accordance with state law.

this setup has been a long time coming and I'm excited to see where it goes, so please keep an eye out and once we go live, please check it out, as you'll have access to 3 of my distributors to start out with, and another 3 on the way, for a total of 6 different distributors warehouse inventories.

as always, stay safe and happy shooting!


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