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exciting news!

hey guys,

hope this finds you well. I hope to have an interesting blog up regarding ballistics gel testing and terminal ballistics up soon. it's quite a big essay, so it may be broken up into several blogs.

at any rate. I haven't updated yet, but in addition to the vendors listed on my home page, I'm pleased to announce that I'm in the process of becoming a century arms international dealer, and have set up a dealer account with Kahr arms as well! I've also become a dealer for certain items found by galloway precision too!

in addition to this, I'm also listed with DE guns, ammunition depot, buds guns, black market arms, and several other shops for various transfers items. so check them out.

all of the previously listed vendors are really awesome to work with , so if you need something from any of them, let me know!

as always, stay safe, and happy shooting.. and have a happy and safe holiday season ahead!

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