• Ken Kraushaar

FN 5.7 Elite Ammunition upgrades

hey guys,

so I received my elite ammunition trigger and recoil spring and they're made pretty well. the trigger reduces the amount of trigger I have to pull, and reduced the pull itself to about 6lbs on average from 7.5, which is good on it's own.

I've tinkered with polishing the sear and mating surface for the hammer a small bit, but not much, which smoothed the pull a little bit more.

oddly enough, there's a really interesting video on the disassembly and reassembly of the 5.7, and after watching it a few times, and completely taking apart the hammer/sear assembly, which is somewhat modular, it isn't really that complicated of a gun, and simply has a few small springs to contend with. I dropped the spring for the firing pin safety lever onto the kitchen floor, and it was kind of hard to find, mostly because of the dark color of the spring itself blending in with the 70s linoleum floor pattern I still have here.

one interesting note is that it helps to pull the trigger ever so slightly when reinstalling the sear/hammer assembly into the gun, as this allows the trigger bar to connect with the disconnector. as I found out, if you don't do this, then even with a magazine in the frame, the hammer will not drop as the disconnector won't be caught by the trigger bar when you reinstall it.

as for the elite ammunition parts, they're quality, and the trigger itself only required a slight bit of fitting, as Jay indicated in his video. where I did differently than his recommendation was the polishing of the trigger pin that holds the trigger and the trigger return spring to the trigger bar. a while back I had some cylindrical diamond files which are made for small holes like the 1911, and other guns, and I was able to ever so smoothly file the inside of the pinhole on the trigger itself- meaning the trigger was fit to my parts, versus the other way around, as I didn't want to modify my existing parts. after that, the trigger dropped right in.

as Jay says in his video, whomever went out and said that elite's trigger doesn't fit and requires all sorts of work, a while back

was exaggerating as my trigger dropped into the frame just right, and the only amount of fitting (which took all of 3 minutes with the correct tools) I had to do was exactly where Jay said it would be.

the heavier spring was easy to install, and the capture ring that came with the gun for the recoil system was easy enough to remove with my fingers/fingernails with no deformation of the ring.

taking the gun out to the shooting range, the gun itself functioned fine. surprisingly enough the ammunition is really clean burning. there was hardly any evidence that I'd put 50 rounds through it. no powder residue except on the feed ramp. even on the inside of the gun on the rails, etc, there was little to no powder residue. this made cleaning all the more easy.

shooting wise the gun whips brass a good 10 feet to the 2 oclock position, all in a nice pile. recovery of brass was easy enough, though due to where it flung the brass, I wouldn't try to go any further than where I was (middle lane at circle s' pistol range). as noted elsewhere, the gun shot low due to the high front sight. this would have normally been something I could fix on sight, but I had left my tools at home.

trigger break, etc, was very crisp and clean. comfortable surface on Jay's trigger, so I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-ish upgrade. recoil was non-existant, and the noise was almost identical to the 38 special we were shooting the same day. not loud, but not quiet either.

in the following months, I may do a complete takedown and reassembly step by step, as there aren't many official or unofficial pages talking about how to do this.

all in all, for the money's worth, you get a clean functioning and firing gun.

as always, stay safe and happy shooting!

Ken Kraushaar is a gunsmith and firearm specialist in Sonoma county ca. he services the north bay area and has over 30 years of shooting experience.


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