• Ken Kraushaar

Five seveN MKII

Hey all,

So I figured I'd write a little bit more about the Five Seven since I had some free time waiting for some parts for other projects, as well as upgrades for the five seven from Elite Ammunition.

Anyways, last post I wrote a little bit about the gun and why it was developed and some of my thoughts, and I thought I would write a bit more and include the technical specs for the gun.

The technical specs are:

Caliber: 5.7x28mm

Type of fire: Semi-automatic

Trigger pull: single action 4.50 to 7.87 lbs (out of the box, mine averaged 7.5lbs)

weight: without mag- 1.36lb

length: 8.9"

height: 5.77"

width: 1.34"

bbl length: 4.75"

rifled length: 3.66"

number of grooves: 8 grooves

twist and direction: 1:9.1" right hand twist

magazine capacity: standard is 20, however 10 rounds in my ca legal pistol.

watching videos on the gun shows quite a bit of engineering for a small space, and some unique retaining features.

the recoil spring, for instance, is held to the barrel with a c clip and a spring follower of sorts, with a recess in the "barrel hood" for the spring to semi locate into when captured.

the feed ramp is similar to the style in an original 1911, and similar guns where the round goes straight on versus up a ramp like a glock or a XD style gun.

ergonomically speaking it is pretty comfortable in the hand. the magazine safety is kind of simple in design, and most of the parts interactions seem to be pretty simple despite the complexity of the internal unit that the hammer, etc. is attached to. like most polymer guns.. there's a lot of springs and small parts in a modular piece that captures it all, and is really only held in place with two pins.

in a follow up, I'll see what the trigger pull ends up being with the elite trigger, which I will have to fit to my trigger bar.


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