• Ken Kraushaar

Custom Aero Precision M5

Hey Guys,

I hope this finds you well. Ken here, and I'm just writing to give a little bit of an update to an ongoing project that I have been working on over the course of the past couple of years, namely, my custom Aero Precision M5 MSR chambered in .308 winchester.

semi-complete M5

viewers of my page may be familiar with it, as I've shown it in my gallery in terms of builds that I have put together.

one of the things that usually takes me quite a bit of time to do is being satisfied with a product enough to offer it to the general public.

this project has been one that I was never quite 100% happy with because I could never quite get it tuned.

well, a few days ago I pulled this beast out of storage and tinkered a bit more with it, and I'm quite pleased with the results.

the picture to the left shows the target I used to sight in at 100 yards. the first 4 shots are to the left and showed about where I was.

  • shot one was 2 MOA over to the left, and approximately 2moa down.

  • second shot brought the gun up to about the middle line, but was still about 1MOA-ish to the left.

  • Third shot I pulled, adjusted a little bit, and the 4th shot I pulled again, which went up.

  • shots 5-9 were all in the center, with one failure to feed/jam

for this project, I actually used a Hi-Lux 'sniper' scope with 1 inch tube. it was situated approximately 1.5" from the centerbore of the barrel and instead of using a single piece scope mount , I opted to use 2 "tactical" scope mounts to bring the scope down as humanly possible. it was adjusted for paralax at 100 yards.

the downside of this setup is that the charging handle can be a pain to pull, however, because this is a bench gun, and is so heavy, quickly charging it and carrying it around isn't a concern (the gun itself weighs in the ballpark of 15-20 lbs).

it uses a custom load in which I use Lapua Brass, sierra matchking 168grn hpbt bullets, my own secret recipe using a powder that is sometimes hard to find, and winchester primers, all set to SAAMI standard length etc. due to the lack of wiggle room found in the magazine.

because of the robust brake on the muzzle, courtesy of Witt Machine, and the ZelTactilie pad adapter for the PRS stock, felt recoil is minimal, making for a comfortable rifle to shoot.

I won't go over all the bells and whistles this gun has that make it so accurate (I'm sure I've posted them somewhere else,) but this rifle is a blast to shoot (no pun intended.)

if you're interested in having one built, please shoot me an email and I'll put together a quote. due to it's ARMaglock setup, this rifle currently is 100% CA legal.

see you at the range!

Ken Kraushaar is a gunsmith and certified firearm specialist operating out of his shop in Sonoma County, California. he has over 30 years of shooting experience, and can usually be found accurizing his firearms when he's not working on customer projects at Circle S Ranch in Tomales, CA


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