• Ken Kraushaar

Repair night at Sebastopol rifle and pistol club update

hey all,

I hope this finds you well. due to the club refinishing the floors at the range the original repair night was rescheduled for the third thursday of june, tentatively.

in coordination with Mr. Paul Bobrow, I will be at the first two repair nights to help with diagnostic of problem firearms for those interested. to my knowledge I will not be performing repairs on site, however, I will have my card, price list for basic services, and some job tickets with me in case anyone wants to hire me on the spot for basic repairs.

this is a good chance for anyone who has something that isn't working quite right to at least be pointed in the right direction regarding a repair, especially as the various seasons get closer (we're already in the summer months, can you believe it?.)

at any rate, anyone who is a member of the club and is interested in diagnostics , I will see you at the inaugural repair night, this month, and tentatively next month if all goes well.

I hope to see you there!

Ken Kraushaar is an FFL and gunsmith operating out of Sonoma County California. Ken is a certified NRA RSO, firearm safety certificate instructor, and IFSA Certified Firearm Specialist with over 30 years shooting experience.

when he's not at his shop, he can be found shooting at circle s ranch and hiking around the many state parks in northern california.

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