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"surpressed CDC data"

hey all, I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

there is an ongoing narrative about how the NRA suppresses data and CDC research on gun violence, which is neither accurate nor true. in fact you can easily find research conducted on that very topic since the mid 2000s and early 2010s during the Obama administration, as ordered by the president himself.

recently a researcher at Florida state, Gary Kleck, reveals that the CDC seems to have suppressed data that didn't fit the narrative that defensive gun use was less than criminal gun use, as a means of saying that gun owners don't often use their firearms in self defense. one of the things he found was that in the late 1990s the CDC suppressed the results of a “high-quality telephone survey” indicating that in an average year 2.23 million Americans used a firearm to defend themselves or their families.

Mr. Kleck found that this specific survey of gun owners eliminated data that wasn't applicable to the survey, such as use against animals, etc. and was specific gun use in defensive situations.

in any event, the report is definitely worth the read as on the surface, it appears that this information was suppressed as it didn't fit in with the efforts the government was making towards gun control at the time. the paper can be found here.

as always, take some time to read up on the subject and come to your own conclusions, but based on a lot of various sets of data that I've been seeing, the narrative about gun control that's been out there for years now doesn't seem to hold much water.

as always, stay safe and happy shooting

Ken Kraushaar is owner and operator of Ken Kraushaar Firearms Service in Sonoma County, CA. He is a gunsmith, IFSA Firearm Specialist, Certified Firearm Safety Instructor, 2nd Generation Range master, and has over 30 years of shooting experience.


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