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Misinformation by the local media.

Good evening guys and gals,

I hope your christmas eve and day celebrations were safe and sane.

I wanted to take a moment to touch on some misinformation put out by the press democrat, our local paper and the largest media outlet in the north bay.

I want to start this by saying I am an independent, and I am not aligned to any particular political party, I vote for what I think is right based off of the information I have. Regarding firearms: I am for safe and sane firearm ownership and usage and promote safety training. I have received training in firearms usage since I was very young, am an NRA range safety officer; IFSA Certified Firearm Specialist, which is an accredited credential that covers, amongst other things, firearm safety; and a CA DOJ Certified Firearm Safety Certificate instructor. as part of my business, part of my job is to educate the public in firearm safety, their safe usage, and safe operation. As a gunsmith, it's my job to make sure every firearm that is brought to me is safe to use, or red tagged as unsafe to fire.

regarding firearms laws, I tend to read about them quite a bit before weighing in. I actually help customers come into compliance with new laws as they are required to, and california is notorious for having a lot to know about and comply with. I try to know my stuff.

In an editorial, they proceeded to spout out the same nonsense that Nancy Pelosi, and other democratic representatives have put out there regarding the national conceal carry reciprocity act, namely that it invites a criminal element to carry in our great state.

The conceal carry reciprocity act, simply forces other states to recognize other states' conceal carry holders as legal and valid. the press democrat's editors asserted that if somebody who couldn't pass a background check in California wanted to, under this proposed act, that they could go to another state and get a CCW and the state would have to recognized the validity of this ccw. The paper, and others, try to use the red herring of "what's good enough for one state isn't good for another" and also tried to tie cannibis to that. the difference between cannibis and firearms, is that cannibis is a controlled substance, while firearms are a constitutionally protected right.

what the paper, and those opposed to the act failed to do, and mention, is that in every state that offers a CCW to non residents, and even those that do not, a background check is run by law enforcement either through the state DOJ or through the FBI or both. further, most of these states require training, and some even require good cause statements, meaning CCW holders have gone through the same sort of background check, fingerprints, et al, that I did to get my federal and state dealer licenses (finger prints, federal and local background checks, etc, ) and are trained moreso than the average shooter in firearms safety and usage.

unfortunately our local paper likes to hype things that they do not like, for political reasons, namely that the NRA (which offers training and represents shooters and promotes 2nd amendment rights,) and more importantly, that the GOP is for it.

because of this, I've assembled a short summary of the laws regarding ccw in each state. note how vermont, home to bernie sanders, requires no ccw, while washington DC allows none.

alabama- nics background check, residents only,

alaska- nics background check, finger prints, photograph, residents only

arizona- nics background check, fingerprints, training

akansas- nics background check, finger prints, residents only, training

colorado- fingerprints, background check, residents only, proof of training

connecticut- nics background check, may issue to residents or non residents, fingerprints, 2 copies birth certificate or passport, training.

Delaware- residents only, application published by newspaper with affidafit from the newspaper stating it was published 10 days before application, fingerprints, photo id,

Florida- residents and non residents, no federal background check, background check run by the state department of agriculture, must display competency with a firearm.

Georgia- residents only, nics check, ID, proof of residency, fingerprint

Hawaii- nics background check, show good cause, qualify to own a firearm under hawaiian state law, qualified to use a firearm, must be a US citezen or a qualifying official from a foreign nation.

Idaho- residents and non residents, nics background check, proof of training, photo ID

Illinois- no nics background check as of 2013 but you must have an FOID which requires a background check. 16 hours of firearms training.

indiana- shall issue to residents and non residents, background check, have good cause, finger prints, fill out online application

Iowa- shall issue to residents and non residents, nics background check, completion of training course,

Kansas- shall issue, residents and non residents that are active duty. background check. completion of training, photograph, copy of Kansas drivers license .

Louisiana- Residents only, state background check, proof of training

Maine- residents and non residents, nics background check, submit to the state having access to your mental health records, photograph, demonstration of firearms safety knowledge, or provide a certificate of training completion.

maryland- may issue to residents and non residents, nics background check, finger prints, good cause,

massachusetts- may issue to residents and non residents, copy of id, copy of birth certificate or passport, two passport style photographs, two fingerprint cards, proof of residency, report from home state bureau of criminal records showing your arrest record, must have a permit from your home state if applying for one in mass.

Michigan- residents only, nics / law enforcement network background check, michigan drivers license or michigan personal ID card, must be a registered voter in michigan, have knowledge and training in the safe use of firearms.

Minnesota- residents and non residents, nics background check, copy of training certificate, copy of drivers license, copy of state ID or passport photo

Mississippi- residents only , Nics background check, finger prints, full face photo id.

Missouri- residents or active duty only, background check, proof of training.

montana- residents only, nics background check, finger prints, certification of training

nebraska- residents only, nics background check. finger prints, demonstration of eyesight comparable to class 0 drivers license reqs, show proof of completion of training approved by state patrol and showing competency in handling firearm and ammunition. proof of citizenship and residency.

Nevada- residents and non-residents, nics background check, proof of training,

new hampshire- residents and non residents, have a valid ccw from another state if non resident, show good cause

new jersey- residents and non residents, meet the requirements of the permit to purchase and FID, provide personal info, be finger prints, proof competency with firearms, have three reputable people knowing the person applying for the permit and have a justifiable need to carry. a serial number of each handgun the person intends to carry must also be provided. 4 ID photographs.

new mexico- residents only, nics background check, finger prints, certified copy of birth certificate, certificate of firearms training, new mexico dl or id card.

new york- residents and non residents, nics check, proof of firearms safety training completion, meet other state reqs.

north carolina- residents only, certificate of completion for approved safety course, full set of finger prints,.

north dakota- residents and non residents, nics background check, two color photos of the applicant.

ohio- residents and non residents, nics background check and background questionnaire, must not have had another ccw from out of state suspended if non resident, you must be employed in ohio if you live in another state, other state reqs.

oklahoma- residents only, nics background check, must be a us citezen, resident of oklahoma, must read and be knowledgable of the oklahoma self defense act, complete required firearm saftey training,

oregon- residents and non residents of bordering states, sherrif condicted background check (non-nics), two forms of id, proof of handgun training.

pennsylvania- residents and non residents, must have a ccw from your home state if non-resident, nics background check,

rhode island- residents and non residents, state ag background check, notarized application, application must be signed and stamped by local CLEO or city hall official in the town or city of the applicants residence, 2 photos, three references and reference letters which must be notarized, proof of training, two forms of id, finger prints

south carolina- residents and non residents, background check, 2 finger print cards, cwp training, signed copy of sled cwp instructor/student training checklist.

south dakota- residents only, background check, other state reqs, submit statement that the applicant has never plead guilty, nolo contendre to, or been convicted of a felony of crime of violence, statement that the information is true and correct.

Tennessee- residents and non residents w/ exceptions, background check through the TIB, FBI and county sherrif. proof of residency, proof of training, must be a resident of Tennessee.

Texas- residents and non residents, background check for residents through the TDPS, non residents through NICS. Valid ID or DL, current demographic, address, and employment info, residential info for the past 5 years, information regarding any psychiatric, drug, alcohol or criminal history, LTC training.

Utah- residents and non residents, nics background check, drivers license, passport photo, finger prints, weapon familiarity certification.

Vermont- no permit required

Virginia- residents and non-residents, nics background check, non residents must apply in writing to the VA state police for a five year permit to carry, application to be made under oath before a notary that the information necessary to determine elegibility for the permit, if the permittee is later found to be disqualified by the state police, the permit is revoked.

Washington- residents and non residents, WA state background check, picture id, must provide proof of residency for the past 90 days prior to application, if military, your mil id and orders listing your station location.

washington DC- no ccw allowed.

west virginia- residents only. background check, other state reqs

wisconsin- residents only, background check, proof of training

wyoming- must be a resident for 6 months, pass a nics background check, legible copy of certificate of completion at a certified training course, or notorized affidafit from an instructor, school, club, or organization that conducted the training, full set of finger prints.

as you can see, you can't easily go out and get a ccw in another state, as if to bypass the background check. California politicians and news papers have gotten so complacent in their denouncement of firearms related laws that they do not agree with, that they jumped to denouncement without understanding that you can't bypass a background check as every state requires them. finding this information literally took 10 seconds on a google search to find.

please let this serve as a reminder: research before you opine; if you don't you either make yourself look the fool, spread misinformation, or both.

happy holidays.

Ken Kraushaar is a Certified Firearm Specialist, Gunsmith, Range Safety Officer, DOJ Safety instructor, and has been shooting for 30+ years. he lives and runs his shop in beautiful Sonoma County, CA.


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