• Ken Kraushaar

Merry Christmas and a holiday thank you.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for one of the best years I've had for this business. part of my dream when I set out back in 2012, was to have this become what I do for a living, and my dream, year by year, keeps getting closer and closer. as some of you know, I work part time at a gas station to make ends meet as the business continues to grow.

the past couple of years has been filled with much loss and much triumph for me, and every time I'm down and out, somehow it opens up a new door for me and things move forward.

I wanted to thank a few people by name because they're why I'm here doing what I do:

-my family for supporting what I do

-MK Hogan, for constantly helping me to better myself, and for pushing me to do what I need to do to succeed in life.

-Jerry Spaulding, for continuing to help me learn about metal craft

-Tim, for your counsel and coaching, which has pushed me to demand more from myself in controlling what kind of life I want for myself, and how to go and get it.

-Terry and Daryl Penry of petaluma gun and reloading, for being so helpful and more importantly, for bringing me 95% of my business. without you guys I wouldn't be here all these years later.

-Juan, for being my best customer and bringing in so many unique and interesting items through my shop. your patronage has helped me grow my business immensely and to be able to dedicate more time to just doing this work.

-Bill, for continuing to bring me fun projects to work on.

-Mike, for bringing me lots of new and old guns to work on. the experience and practice gained from so much work has been so helpful in keeping skills fresh.

-Oscar, for bringing me such an interesting project to really go all out in creating a work of art for you.

-Byron, for continuing to be a friend and encouraging me through your appreciation of what I can do. you and jerry inspire me more than you know.

-The international firearm specialist academy, for providing such a valuable source of information and knowledge, which in turn has made me more marketable.

-Mike Lee, for your quality instruction all those years ago at the RSO course, it helps me every day to model how to teach in a clear and concise way.

-to anyone I have missed or left out: know that you are helping someone who has gone through so much adversity in life succeed in doing something that allows them to be creative and live a decent life.

merry christmas all, and thank you for my most profitable year to date. I cannot tell you guys how much being able to do this means to me!


-Ken Kraushaar

owner/operator/gunsmith/firearms specialist

Ken Kraushaar Firearms Service



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