• Ken Kraushaar

Emergency information for affected residents of the fire

This post is some resources for fire maps, air quality, cal fire info, and other related information for people on the western side of sonoma mountain (cotati, rohnert park, santa rosa, penngrove.)

the shop is currently closed and we're on standby to leave.

for an satellite view of santa rosa ca, please follow

For updated fire map information please go to:

once you get to the viewer, zoom in on the tubbs fire, or central lnu complex ca to view the fire. then under dynamic data, zoom to where you see all 5 boxes for Active Fires, Current Fires Current, Fire Perimeters, MODIS Fire Detection, VIIRS IBAND Fire Detection, HMS Fire Detection.

you can also find information on air quality at:


you can find the latest from cal fire at:


you can find more information for emergency info at:





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