• Ken Kraushaar

Gun safety.

Happy Labor Day everyone, I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the summer.

I thought I'd take a minute to post about gun safety. Unfortunately, we've all known or heard about someone who was hurt or killed because they assumed the gun they were handling was unloaded. This past week, I was reminded and thankful of my training, both from my Father, as well as that from the the NRA and the IFSA.

I received a Rolling Block 1885 Winchester 22 to work on. Prior to any job, I always check the action, and the breach to make sure there is nothing loaded into the firearm. I was glad I went through my normal checks because I was surprised to find a jammed 22lr round in the breach of this firearm, which had been brought in for cleaning. no mention of a jam was made by the owner, whom I doubt knew his firearm was loaded.

because the round was actually beyond the extractor, the round had to be removed gently by a brass rod. the action is now clear and clean leaving me to focus on a severely fowled bore.

it just serves as a reminder of the number 1 rule:

always assume a firearm is loaded!

because I assumed this, I saved myself, my shop staff and the shop dogs a nasty surprise. had I decided to work the action and drop the hammer, assuming the gun wasn't loaded without checking, the round could have hurt any number of us.

remember friends: always assume a gun is loaded until you've verified that nothing is in the action, the breach, or the bore, before you begin work on any firearm, including your own.

Happy and safe shooting!


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