• Ken Kraushaar

Advisory on legality of certain firearms

Recently the CA DOJ put out an advisory on the legality of certain firearms, so I thought I'd post the contents for anyone who was curious about these firearms/features.

Taurus Judge and Smith and Wesson Governor:

These firearms are considered short barreled shotguns (SBS) pursuant to Penal Code 17180. While these firearms are revolvers, they are able to take a .410 gauge shotgun shell in addition to a 45 long colt cartridge. the factory barrel length ranges from 2.5 to 6.5 inches depending on the model. any firearm designed to shoot a shot shell with a barrel length of less than 18 inches is considered an SBS. these firearms are also considered assault weapons pursuant to penal code section 30515(a)(8); any shotgun with a revolving cylinder. There are many models of the Taurus Judge. Revolvers similar to the Taurus Judge are not listed on the Roster of certified handguns for sale in the state of California. Please note: this advisory does not apply to the Rossi Circuit Judge rifle.

Mossberg 590 shockwave:

the mossberg 590 is classified as an SBS under penal code 17180(a), as the design of the firearm has a barrel length of under 18 inches.

Derringer handguns chambered in .45LC (Bond Arms Ranger and similar.):

Certain Derringer handguns chambered in .45LC are also chambered in .410 gauge shotgun, and are therefore SBS under penal code 17180.

These types of firearms are not listed on the roster of handguns for sale in california; however, there are 5 models of Bond Arms Derringers listed for sale that are only chambered in .45LC as indicated on the barrel of each firearm; they are: Big Bear, Big Bear CA, Brown Bear, Brown Bear CA, and Papa Bear.

Please note: Individuals with a BOF dangerous weapons permit may sell SBS's only to law enforcement agencies. individual law enforcement officers and private individuals are prohibited from purchasing SBS's.

Sturm & Ruger Charger and Similar:

These firearms are considered assault pistols pursuant to Penal Code section 30515(a)(4)(D) as they are capable of accepting a magazine outside of the pistol grip. These types of firearms are not listed on the Roster of handguns for sale in California.

Handguns with threaded barrels:

any handgun with a threaded barrel is considered to be an assault weapon pursuant to penal code section 30515(a)(4)(A). This includes handguns with threaded barrels that are not permanently covered with a barrel cap, or thread protector, depending on the manufacturer's terminology.

an indicator of a possible threaded barrel cap is the presence of grooves that allow the use of a wrench to remove the cap and expose the threads underneath.