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Tacticool Jewelry?....

(Jerry Spaulding black oxide finished stainless steel ring photo courtesy of union street goldsmith.)

I've made mention in the past about how I got my start working for nationally known jeweler Jerry Spaulding, and how I learned how to apply some of the finishes I use in my own work from observing him at the shop and being given little nuggets of information that have stuck with me now almost 7 years since I left his shop due to the recession.

Some of the work he produces I would consider to be geared towards professionals and individual who may not like gold rings, but still want something that is geared towards men.

He got his start in a shop in Sausalito, California under J. Don Eaton, who was considered to be somewhat the godfather of goldsmiths in Sausalito, and has had a successful career producing fine jewelry for the past 4 decades. In the 90s, Jerry became one of the few pioneers in the US who used titanium in his work.

Since the 90s, Jerry has produced jewelry which includes Stainless Steel, Stainless steel with black oxide finish (as pictured above,) rings incorporating the use of Delrin, Carbon Fiber, and even exotic woods, in addition to traditional goldsmithing elements to produce an almost exclusively male-centric line of wedding bands.

More recently, Jerry has produced rings that incorporate Damascened Stainless Steel as well.

I can definitely attest to the quality of work produced by Jerry, as I not only grew up watching him work, but also observed him making each piece, individually and by hand on lathes and mills in his shop located in Sonoma County, California.

Being made out of performance materials, Jerry's rings are durable; in addition to this, the quality of his rings, especially those with gold, are unsurpassed in terms of quality, and in terms of the sheer amount of gold you get in the ring, compared to his competition, due to a proprietary process which ensures you definitely get your money's worth.

If you are looking for a wedding band "for him" consider giving him a call or shooting him an Email- you definitely will be getting your money's worth. His rings can also be found through shops such as Mara Sheppard Jewelry and Timothy Patrick Jewelers in Santa Rosa, CA, as well as shops located through out the United States, including various Nordstrom locations, Union Street Goldsmith in San Fransisco, The Real Mother Goose in Portland, Oregon, IMEC in New Mexico, and The Clay Pot on the east coast, as well as many others, although working with Jerry directly will be such a great experience, you may not want to go through another shop to get one of his rings!

Take my word for it, you won't be disappointed in the product you get. if interested, check out www.jerryspaulding.com for more information!


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