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Blue Wonder Gun Black

custom 1911 finished with blue wonder "gun black"

If you ever find yourself needing to reblue an item, but you don't want to use some of the more caustic bluing agents such as oxphoblue, or birchwood casey's gun bluing liquid or paste, consider using Blue Wonder's gun blue or gun black kit.

Each kit comes with a bluing liquid, gun cleaner, a lubricant, and a developer, and all you need is a propane torch or a heat gun to allow it to work.

The formula is very similar to one found in some gunsmithing books of yesteryear which can sometimes be found in used book stores.

The process is simple:

  1. take off any grips or parts of the firearm which could be damaged by fire or heat.

  2. make sure you have some latex gloves on. the gloves are for the next step which involves degreasing the gun with the cleaner. prior to this step, if you desire a polished blue, polish the gun now, or if you desire more of a matte finish, use scotchbrite to semi-polish the firearm.

  3. Apply the gun cleaner gel and wipe away any dirt or oil. Do not touch the firearm with your bare fingers as any finger prints left on the gun will be etched into the finish with the next step.

  4. Using a propane torch or heat gun, warm the gun till the point it is hot to the touch. then apply the bluing/blackening liquid with a cotton patch or rag. note: do not work under fluorescent lighting as the reflection on the metal will make it difficult to see how dark the finish is due to the presence of blue lighting. it is best to work either outside, or under "natural" lighting for this step.

  5. once the finish either matches the finish you're trying to repair, or in the case of a complete reblue, reaches the finish you desire, apply the developer and let the gun set for approximately 1-3 hours.

  6. after this step, apply the provided lubricant. it is specially designed for this process, so you should not substitute with any other normal gun oil such as hoppes or outers, or even wd-40 as it may cause the piece to rust.

  7. For more of a matte finish, skip the step involving the oil. however, it is important to note that in areas of higher humidity, you should use the oil provided, as this can also cause undue rusting.

  8. The piece will continue to cure and become more durable after about 4 weeks.

I have used this system of bluing on several of my own firearms, as well as customer firearms for touch-ups or complete reblues and have found that it is more forgiving than other bluing methods which are available at most gun shops, and is typically less finicky.

For more information check out bluewonder.us

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