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1-in-30 exemption clarification

hey guys,

hope this finds you well. recently I came across a posting from a gun store owner who stated that you can buy as many handguns as you want and that gun store employees at places like sportsmans warehouse were wrong from citing 1-in-30.

under normal circumstances, you are only allowed to buy 1 handgun every thirty days, generally, under california law:

from the doj website:

"is there a limit on the number of handguns that I can own or purchase?

  • There is no limit to the number of handguns that you may own but you are generally limited to purchasing no more than one handgun in any 30-day period. Handgun transactions related to law enforcement, private party transfers, returns to owners, and certain other specific circumstances are exempt from the one-handgun-per-30-day purchase limit. (Pen. Code,§ 27535.)"

there a few exemptions listed, such as CR holders, LE, private party transfers, and consignment, which are when a gun store sells the gun on behalf of the customer, which technically is a PPT, these transactions are exempt from the 1-in-30 rule.

guns which are sold by the dealer as part of their inventory, even if they are roster exempt (such as CR guns) are bound by the 1-in-30 rule, as it is no longer a PPT , i.e said gun dealer either buys from the manufacturer or wholesaler, or a customer sells the dealer a gun outright, which is not considered by the state to be considered consignment, or PPT.

in the case of the dealer selling consignment, they need both parties in order for the gun to become roster exempt, ie it is shown on behalf of the seller, and is a PPT. if it is part of the inventory of the store, it is not eligible for sale if it's off roster/non-CR to non-exempted persons (LE) unless it's done as a PPT.

so in the case of a place such as sportsmans warehouse, or myself, who do not sell on consignment, you would be bound by 1-in-30 when buying guns from us, unless you were doing a PPT between you and the seller.

there is a very specific way consignment sales are to be done, and in this case, it is a misrepresentation to say that there is no 1-in-30 and you can buy as many handguns as you want.

in july, the 1-in-30 on semiautomatic rifles will also go into effect, and the same rules will likely apply.

in this case, it's best to know what you're dealing with, even if you're told one thing by a social media presence, because it's not always 100% accurate.

stay safe and happy shooting.


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