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Introductory handgun training

Cost: $165.00

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Course description: 

If you are new to handguns, or are thinking about your first purchase of a handgun, but don't have the knowledge to safely operate one, then this is the course to you. Covered topics will be basic firearm safety, as well as proper range etiquette and safety briefing.

also covered will be proper nomenclature  (terminology).  

"Introductory handgun training" is a Non-NRA sanctioned class, although it will cover similar concepts, as safety topics are universal.

This class will introduce a new shooter to shooting via an instructor provided semi-automatic 22 caliber pistol/single action revolver. It is perfect for the new shooter, or somebody who is thinking about purchasing a firearm but perhaps has never been around a firearm, much less shot one.

Note: Due to the range constraints, we will be shooting at approximately 50 feet, which will allow the student to establish a baseline of technique and accuracy.


Course Topics Summary:

1) proper firearm safety

2) proper firearm nomenclature pertaining to the firearms used.

3) establishing a baseline technique via: 

  • Seated trigger control and loading from a bench using dummy ammo

  • Seated trigger control and loading from a bench using live ammo

  • standing two handed shooting using the isosceles position using live ammo.



There is no test for completion of this class, however we will discuss how to proceed from there, whether that be follow up private lessons, or recommendations to attend the more extensive NRA Basic Pistol course in the future.

Payment is due before the class. Cancellations on the part of the student are non-refundable however we will honor a reschedule of up to 30 days. note: if you wish to pay cash or check , please contact Ken to arrange for payment.

Please check your email for reminders or updates about the course.


  In the event that a class has to be cancelled due to Ken Kraushaar Firearms Service due to scheduling conflicts, we will either attempt to reschedule or offer a full refund to the prospective student.

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